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Policy regarding peer review of publications in CONVIVIUM

  1. Initially the contribution proposed for publication is subjected to a reading by members of the editorial board. In case of a positive assessment by the editorial board the paper is forwarded for anonymous review.
  2. The editors ask for two independend reviews by such members of the reviewers' board who neither are employed at the author's academic organisation nor have any other close connection (e.g. relatives, joined projects) with the author.
  3. Peer reviews are drawn up according to the principle of "double-blind review process", i.e. that each the papers as well as the reviews are forwarded anonymously.
  4. The review process takes place be means of forms as well as free formulations and must draw a clear conclusion as regards the acceptance or rejection of the contribution.
  5. In case of one negative review the Advisory Board shall obtain a third review, the conclusion of which is decisive. In case of two negative reviews the contribution shall be rejected.
  6. The names of the actual reviewers of individual contributions will not be disclosed. A list of the International Panel of Peer Reviewers can be found on our website and is constantly updated.